Seed Documentary Cooperative endeavors to help organizations, communities, and individuals find ways to document and convey their stories.

Through oral histories, personal photos and material culture, and historical and archival research, we engage narratives that remain excluded from mainstream media outlets. Recognizing the omissions, silences, and misrepresentations prevalent in dominant forms of representation in our society, we foster relationships with clients based on a collaborative philosophy, to tailor a project plan that suits their needs. Our research spans a range of concerns, from history to culture, from politics to technology, but the human story always remains at the core. We are dedicated to helping people tell their stories, talk about their lived experience, and present their perspective. Depending on the needs of the project, we can collect materials and conduct oral history interviews and primary document research. We specialize in sythesizing our research in digital media productions--documentary films, interactive DVDs and online exhibits. We take a holistic approach to each project and aim to implement a sustainable production, distribution and preservation plans. Most of all, we recognize that our responsibility does not end once a project has been completed. Our work is a lifelong commitment.


Contact Information

Antony Cherian, Co-Founder



Mark Westmoreland, Co-Founder